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Related article: Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 22:35:22 -0500 From: Brian Nelsen Subject: After the ShowerAs always, I get my story ideas from the things I see everyday. That is as realistic as this story gets. Again, the child star is an accurate description for a boy his age. I just think it takes away from the story to have to believe that a pre-pubescent boy is blessed with a John Holmes sized penis and the gallons of cum that go with it.Futher, for those people that doubt this would ever happen in real life, I say they are right. Children rarely are interested in having sex with an adult, let alone on the first meeting. But if your reading this, I take it you're looking for a quick climax - and this is just fiction so just go with it.The adult star in this case has very minimal character development or description. If you're reading stories in this category, then I assume odds are your fasicnation is with the underage characters. Like any hetersexual porn movie, the adult is merely a prop in this story and a description doesn't change the outcome. STANDARD LEGAL STUFF:*This is completely fictional, except as already noted persons, places, and events referred to in this story are completely fictional.*If it is illegal for you to be reading this, either because of age or some other factor, STOP READING NOW! If none of this applies, sit back and enjoy.E-mail rants, raves, etc can be directed to (its my would be porn star name). Don't bother flaming I won't waste time reading it. After the Shower (Mb, Oral, Anal) I surveyed him from head to toe. From the coal black hair that crowned his head to the pefect little toes that capped off his feet. He was fresh from the shower, his wet hair plastered to his head. His eyes twinkled, as if filled with desire. Desire I thought, for me. I knew how much he worshipped and adored me; he meant alot to me as well. I affectionately called him "stinky feet", it was true they did smell, after all he was eight.The shower had changed all that though, he was a little boy physically, sure, but he desired me all the same. Possibly more so then any of the adult partners I'd been with, after all our bond was deeper then most adults I'd become sexually involved with. His Search Lolita Hussyfan chest rose and fell with each measured breath. He was flush from the hot shower, I could see the veins throughout his body rise to the surface to give off their heat. He was in heat much the same, a change had come over him. Shed of his stinky eight year old boy exterior, he was wanting to bring himself as much pleasure as I was sure he would bring me. His nipples lay flat on his narrow chest and called to me like they were calling me home. The oversized towel accentuated his narrow waist; as skinny as he was I could just make out the bones of his hips. They pointed towards the center of his desire as if guiding me towards it.I was too overwhelmed to move. I could feel my own heart beating as it rushed the blood to my ears. The dull roar accentuated my own passion and desires. I had never felt this way about him before, but here he was as pure and unspoiled as he would ever be. He brushed past me and headed towards the bed, it was obvious what was on his mind. I was.I turned to face him, he was seated at the edge of the bed as if he were waiting for me. The remnants of his baby fat puddled around his wast and protruded slightly over the towel he was bundled in. There was no mistaking what was causing the front of the towel to tent slightly. I guessed if he'd been any more errect, it would have been painful for him.He offered me his towel, I gently unwrapped the gift he was offering me. My suspicions were confirmed. His two inches of boyhood was as rigid as I could imagine it could be and quivering with anticipation and the beating of his heart. Search Lolita Hussyfan It was small but perfectly shaped. Pale and unchanged, I could make out the veins running the length of his shaft. He was circumcised and his boyhood reminded me of the littlest german soldier. It pointed directly at me, I don't know if it was beconing me or accusing me.He scooted back on the bed so he could lay down. He thrust his hips at me, silently telling me what to do. I lay on the bed with him and gently spread his thighs, I marveled at how smooth and unblemished they were. His butt was perfectly rounded and did well at protecting his most closely guarded treasure. He along, with his boyhood, trembled at my touch. Again he thrust his boyhood towards me, almost begging me to sample a taste of it. I was already drunk on his beauty, the smell of soap and the musky smell of an eight year old boy was all the encouragement I needed.I wrapped my lips around his boyhood and the marbles hung below. I teased his rigid skin with my tounge and bathed him with my saliva. Search Lolita Hussyfan He squealed as the electricity of my actions radiated throughout his body. I could feel his small hands take up position on my head as he forced more of himself in my willing mouth. I released his marbles and focused my efforts on his rigid boyhood. In short order, he yelped in pleasure as his dry orgasm crashed down on him. He instictively pulled his narrow legs up and away from me exposing the wrinkled treasure between his perfectly shaped orbs.I took this as my invitation and thrust my face towards his crack, lapping at his quivering hole like I'd seen my cat drink from his water dish many times. I dove him wild as my tounge invaded his innermost space pushing in further and futher with each thrust. He forced his hips towards me driving my tounge deeper and deeper inside of him. He moaned softly as I lapped further and further at his hole."Please, please..." he cooed.He was in such pleasure he couldn't finish the sentence, it wouldn't have mattered, his body told me what his soft voice couldn't. I reached to my left and found the lube I kept at my bedside. Withdrawing my tounge, I worked a glob of it around the outside of his quivering hole. He was gasping for breath as I massaged his tight ring of flesh. I shifted my position and thrust my tounge in his half open mouth. He reciprocated by sucking on my tounge like a calf nurses from its mother. I knew what was coming next and I didn't feel like explaining to my neighbors. I thrust a finger inside of him and watched as his eyes fluttered at the intrusion. I felt the air escape his lungs, but no sound came out as I probed deeper. The initial assault over, his eyelids returned to their half open state as he succomed to the pleasure I was bringing him. A second finger quickly followed the first, he barely fliched this time. By the time I had worked a third finger inside of him, he was meeting me half way with his thrusts. I knew he was ready.In my haste to join him in bed, I had forgotten to remove my own clothes. I stood quickly and was undressed in a minute. He whimpered for the split second that I wasn't pleasuring him. In a moment his paw like hand found the loosened hole I'd left behind as he crudely thrust his own fingers in the void I'd left. I placed a small glob of the lubricant in his free hand. He reached out towards me and wrapped his fingers around my own straining manhood, quickly coating my length in the same lubricant that was smeared around his quivering hole. It had been about his pleasure, now it was about mine.He took a position on all fours. I spread his orbs to aim towards his waiting hole. I gripped his hips to steady myself and thrust forward. I felt the head of my manhood stop short at his still tense ring."Relax," I whispered in his ear.He turned his head and looked at me, I could feel the tension in his body melt. My manhood slid forward, I was inside of him. He grunted slightly, but relaxed further. The first inch had been a hard fought battle, the second inch was his body surrendering to me. I'd used enough lube that the second inch slid inside of him without any effort from me. His relaxation and gravity was all that was required. The next several inches were over in what seemed like an instant. My hips were resting squarely against his orbs and I was completely inside of him. His love canal gripped my invading manhood and I knew it wouldn't take very long.I began slowly thrusting into him, he loosened further and I could hear and feel my hips slapping against the soft orbs of his rear end. I knew his boyhood was straining, I could hear it rebounding off of his abdomen with each of my thrusts. I encircled one arm around his narrow waist and guided the free hand of my other arm towards his boyhood. I wrapped my hands around his boyhood and stroked him in time to my thrusts. He yelped as his second dry orgasm surged through his body. His love canal clenched and unclenched repeated on my invading manhood and I knew I was close.I decided I wanted to see the look on his face as he felt my cum saturating his bowels. With my manhood still buried inside of him I laid him on his back, dragging the swollen head of my manhood across his underdeveloped prostate in the process. He moaned as the heat of his passion intensified. It was just a few more thrusts and he was rewarded with my jets of cum firing as deeply inside of them as they could. My own feelings were like being sucked in to the black hole of his love canal. I felt my toes curl as I unloaded deep inside of him. It had to have been the most intense climax of my life. His eyelids fluttered and a smile crossed his face."I love you," he Search Lolita Hussyfan said."I love you too champ."I held my manhood inside of him as I held him in my arms. He was silent, I could tell the by the change in the rise and fall of his chest that he'd fallen asleep. My manhood softened and slid out of him. I could feel the combination of my cum and the lube we used starting to leak out of him. I continued to hold him in my arms until I too dozed off.Several hours went by before I work up, rather I was woken up. He'd mananged to untangle himself from me and had focused his efforts on my swelling manhood. I was bathed in his saliva and feeling his small tounge lapping at the length of my shaft. I couldn't let him continue without returning the favor. I shifted my position and found his rigid boyhood pointing towards my half open mouth. I opened wide, as they say, and swallowed him whole. It wasn't long before we both came again, his dry - mine anything but.He was different boy now. I was a different man. Though our lives would never be the same again, I think we were both ok with that.
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